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OLED iStick Feature About TC 100W !

How Much You know about the OLED Of Eleaf iStick TC100W ?

A slender strip of black screen positioned right down the center enhances the balanced look and also displays details crisply. Up and down buttons plus your "mode" switch are located beneath the screen but your lock/unlock switch has been placed at the top next to the well for 510-threaded atomizer tanks.

This 94 mm-long vape mod is, in many ways, a far cry from the original iStick. While it retains some stylistic features such as that strip-type screen, it's a lot bigger and more serious-looking. Eleaf doesn't offer colors for vaping at this level: just black, gray, and stainless. Pink and blue mods are a part of your low-power past.
Available At: http://www.istick.org/istick-tc100w.html

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