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How To DIY TC Equipment ?

As We all know iStick TC40W by Eleaf is a temperature control battery in the market, This is the finished product, but do you know how to design?

Production of heat wire
Because no insulation on the nickel surface, therefore can only be made by the loosely around way heater.And nickel wire are generally very thin, very soft, so to make temperature heater increase a lot of difficulty.However, the emergence of the wire rod is a "residual" gens brothers, the Gospel of the greatly reduced the difficulty of the heater to make.
In the end, do the circle diameter, 2.4 6 to loose around, resistance meter display 0.23 ohm resistance

Heater debugging

Completes the core first don't try so hard to wear cotton, even to try to see how effective equipment.
About 40 w power modulation, a temperature setting of the top 600 f...Next, the ignition
A slight change of resistance value after receiving devices, 0.19 ohms, as you can see, after the ignition temperature of heat wire quickly rose to 600 f, near a little "emerged after beating TEMPERRATURE PROTECTED" temperature protection, the set value, on behalf of the heater temperature has stabilized temperature control chip began by adjusting the output power to ensure that the atomization core temperature.Mission is accomplished, then start to wear cotton thread.

Cotton core production

Wear cotton core difficulties mainly come from the soft thin nickel wire made of loose around the heater, wear into the cotton in the heater must be careful, otherwise, is likely to lose the shape of freshly prepared heater is cotton belt, it is a tragedy!And finally finishing cotton is not necessary to leave too much cotton core in spray chamber, otherwise it will affect the smooth flow of conduction oil.

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